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"Spellbinding reading that starts with explaining 'traditional' Xenophobia and Sinophobia in the West and opens up on a veritable encyclopedia of China's strengths, challenges, aspirations, and dreams. It brings as much light into the opaqueness of Chinese politics as a young scholar who loves his country and people could marshal without falling foul of the guardians of political correctness. A compact introduction to China in the era of intercontinental competition! "
--- Former German Ambassador to North Korea, Delegate to the United Nations, Dr. Friedrich Lohr


"Finishing this book will make you feel like you have been living in there fora decade. The author takes you on a journey to see China differently as the book reveals much of the unheard truth to the Westerners."
--- The Global Affairs 

"...a must read for anyone who is interested in Asian geo-politics or the economic challenges and opportunities presented by China's emergence on a global scale. It has the potential to revolutionise how Western governments and businesses deal with Chinese growth."
--- Best in Australia


More is to come


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