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Yuan Speaks at the 73th New York State Political Science Association

On April 13th, the 73th New York State Political Science Association (NYSPSA) Annual Conference was successfully hosted this year in Wagner College.

Established in 1946, the New York State Political Science Association (NYSPSA) is dedicated to improving the study of public institutions, political behavior and public policy. Its goal is to improve the quality of not only public deliberation but also decision-making by fostering collaboration between scholars and practitioners. Each year, NYSPSA holds an annual conference that provides a venue to inform scholars and practitioners, while also promoting new research and recognizing excellence in the field.

Attended by undergraduate, graduate students, and professors primarily from top-tier universities in the northeast region, this year’s conference was hosted by Wagner College. The conference lasted two days. For the institutions in the Greater Boston area, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence’s Annalyn Bachmann (CCI) , Northeastern University’s Shaoyu Yuan (PhD Candidate at Rutgers University), and Boston University’s Eric Scarffe have attended and presented their academic works at the conference.

Shaoyu Yuan

Eric Scarffe and Shaoyu Yuan

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